Not far from Zhuang, it has been completely closed, and even the "tidal force" has broken through.

We can’t break through this level of "tidal force"!
Not far from Zhuang, he rushed to the front of Yan Yi, and suddenly a brick smashed out of Yan Yi and consciously closed his eyes, but not far from Zhuang, the virtual shadow never hurt him at all.
"Er …" Not far from Zhuang, he looked at each other.
Not far from Zhuang, this move can protect yourself, but it also makes you lose your attack power.
What a fart it is when two people end up in different rooms!
There was a loud bang and a flash of golden light. When he shook his body, he suddenly turned his head and saw that the Yunxing Palace in Tianzhong had rallied when he was not far from Zhuang. The "Destroyer of Zhuang" slammed into his master’s room and directly cut off a half of his master’s room.
When Min Yi turned around and was attracted by Yun Xing Palace, Zhuang quietly escaped a brick from it and smashed it behind Min Yi’s head.
Min Yi didn’t see Zhuang not far away, but the shadow behind Min Yi suddenly turned to look at Zhuang not far away.
I have always been looking at people in front of me in Hongchuan, but I am not far from Zhuang at this time, but I look at each other.
What kind of eyes is that?
It’s like traveling through time from ancient times, and my eyes are vicissitudes and indifferent, as if I’m used to living and dying, and nothing can make him move.
It seems that Hongchuan is not a virtual shadow, but his body and consciousness are really here.
Tidal whip waving around him enveloped the village not far away.
Min Yi realized that there was something wrong behind him. He turned to see Zhuang not far from the whip and couldn’t help laughing.
"I tidal force is the enemy! There is no dead angle! "
Tide Lord lives up to its name!
Not far away, Zhuang finally realized the gap between himself as a "magnetic master" and a "tidal master"
After becoming the "tidal master", tidal force seems to have his own consciousness and will automatically protect his master from spontaneous attacks.
It seems that he has taken control of the source power of the universe, and Zhuang is not far from confronting the universe.
How does man’s strength and wisdom confront the universe?
Not far from Zhuang, he tried several times, and then he was dismayed to find that this state was almost an enemy!
How do you play this?
It may be a good idea to destroy the manor directly without fighting, but not far from Zhuang, I found that my points were running out.
His figure has been flashing, and it seems that it is no longer possible to maintain the huge state of being surrounded by light.
"Warning manor points are in a hurry!" The manor is also warning.
Zhuang bu Li Xin nai
Building God’s great strength and standing upright in the sky is great, but at most it is a three-point Zhong Zhen man.
Saving points for a long time is just a few minutes.
Not far from Zhuang feels that this kind of integral consumes his manor, and it is possible to last a little longer when it is a "manor city state" or even a "manor country"