So Zhao Lan couldn’t bear it any longer and finally walked along the sound in this living house. Zhao Lan didn’t find any crying baby but just saw it … An audio equipment even if Zhao Lan had come here at the moment, its sound didn’t stop. Obviously, this baby crying came from here.

Zhao Lan felt a sigh of relief at the same time. After all, it is someone else’s home and it is not convenient for him to stay here. So Zhao Lan walked towards the door, but just after walking out of the door, a majestic voice sounded in Huo Ran. "I am a policeman. I announce that you are under arrest."
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Adventurer squad
I don’t know when the crying of the baby stopped, but when the police officer’s majestic voice entered Zhao Lan’s ear, Zhao Lan just walked to the door. Zhao Lan turned his head and saw several uniformed police officers aiming at himself with guns. He was educated since childhood and let Zhao Lan know that it is unwise to confront the police, even if he has any grievances, he can’t disobey the police, especially if he points a gun at his police order. It is the duty of every human citizen to cooperate with the police investigation. Every human child who has just entered school for education will be told that if he refuses to cooperate.
"You’re under arrest for the crime of burglary." The policeman put a certificate in front of Zhao Lan and let Zhao Lan look at it with a serious face. "We ask you to cooperate with us in the investigation. In this process, all your interests will be guaranteed, but if you disobey orders, we will take compulsory action."
w w w
Zhao Lan immediately raised his hands to indicate that he would not resist the police orders, and then said, "I’m sorry, I don’t know which lines of mine are suspected of these crimes. I will cooperate with your investigation as far as I know, but I demand to contact a lawyer to defend me immediately."
"You have the advantage, but please cooperate with us first." The policeman still looked serious. "Now please turn around and stick your hands behind you."
Zhao Lan didn’t feel flustered in her heart. She just felt a little confused because of these experiences. A policewoman came over and handcuffed Zhao Lan. Then she went downstairs with another policewoman and stuffed Zhao Lan into a police car and left.
At the moment, a few thousand meters away from this building, the beautiful young woman who used to ride a ladder with Zhao Lan is sitting in front of a display screen and watching closely dozens of small windows in that display screen, and each small window represents a surveillance video recording device located in different positions. When the young woman watched Zhao Lan’s figure, she kept moving from one window to another. Finally, when Zhao Lan was taken to the police car, she cried, "Look, look, Zhao Lan was taken away by the police! Our plan finally succeed! Zhou Xiao! Cruise! Come and see, you two! "
From the appearance, this young woman undoubtedly belongs to the exquisite, elegant and quiet type, but at the moment, although her appearance has not changed, even her dress has not changed, but at the moment, she is shouting where there is still a little elegance.
Accompanied by her cry, a short young man who wears glasses and looks slightly thin always seems to be listless, and seems to have not slept for several days in a row. He leaned over and looked at the display screen and turned his head with disdain. He said, "Our adventurer group personally went out to deal with a so-called scientist idiot with a chest and brain. How could it fail? But Anliya, you can’t even transfer a stolen goods. When you put the chip into Zhao Lan’s pocket, she almost found out. In my opinion, you really need to strengthen your training. "
"Zhou Xiao, are you laughing at me?" AnLiYa narrowed his eyes slender as white as jade arm stretched out and caught Zhou Xiao this thin man chest dint unexpectedly Zhou Xiao whole up "and … chest brain who are you talking about? Are my breasts smaller than Zhao Lan? Are you saying that I have no brain? "
Zhou Xiao was kept coughing and struggling, but eventually she broke free from Anliya’s seemingly slender and weak arms and mastered "Anliya! Don’t forget that you have promised not to be violent to me after I sent you a set of selfie software! You can’t break your promise! "
Anliya still maintains a smiling expression, but it is more and more full of ridicule. "Promise is a matter for you men. Who will ask a beautiful, gentle and lovely lady to keep her promise?" Cruise, wouldn’t you say so? "
Cruise is an ordinary middle-aged man with a chubby head and a bald head. At this moment, he is also gathering in front of the display screen and watching Zhao Lan being taken away by the police. However, he is constantly playing with a small stone, which is an ordinary stone, but he has been played with thousands of complicated tricks in his hands. It is almost like having his own life to manipulate that small stone with his ten flexible fingers.
"Don’t ask me if this has anything to do with me." In the face of Anliya’s question, Cruise wisely chose neutrality. "But I think you should temporarily let Zhou Xiao go and let him continue to fuck his stupid brain, otherwise our invasion of the police monitoring system is likely to be discovered."
Anliyah conveniently put Zhou Xiao Zhou Xiaoze away from Anliyah quickly with a face of bad luck. Anliyah clapped her hands and then said to Cruise, "Mr. Cruise, my great mechanical expert, did you refit my Liya flying car?" If you still haven’t modified it, I don’t mind holding you as a dumbbell for a hundred. "
Cruise immediately replied, "A horse is good, a horse is good. I still have one piece unfinished. When I finish this piece, I will install it after your flying car … I promise that when you step on the gas pedal, your flying car will be able to break away from the gravity of the earth and rush to Taizhong directly … I know, I know! Rest assured that the sound system will not be affected. The bloody and violent style music you like will definitely be perfectly presented after I specially modified the sound system! "
"That’s good." Anliya nodded her head, and Cruise quickly fled Anliya’s side and went to work next to her workbench.
Anliya took out a nail clipper, trimmed her nails casually, and watched the police car with Zhao Lan speeding on the highway through different monitoring windows. She said, "Boss hasn’t contacted us for several months … I don’t know where the boss has gone without my personal protection … I don’t know if he is in danger now … Hey, it’s so boring to stay in this adventurer rescue organization all day and face those idiots to the extreme."
"Who is the boss? The boss is Li Yunfan, the first strange figure on earth. How could he be in danger? " Zhou Xiao said, "Even if the earth blows up, I’m afraid the boss can live well."
"I don’t know when the boss will come back," Cruise sighed. "Without the boss as the captain, our adventurer team always feels a little less. What’s more, the boss has never been assigned to us since he disappeared a few months ago … I think Cruise is a mechanical genius, and now he is fooling around by refitting a lousy flying car … This is really a great wave for my life."
"If you dare to say one more word about my bad flying car … I don’t mind letting you experience the taste of being used as a dumbbell." Anliya’s face became more and more gorgeous, and Cruise immediately shut up.
"Yo, look, look, Zhao Lan, this guy has been taken to the police station. Well, now he’s in the interrogation room … haha, dare to harass our adventurer team. This is your field! How can I get out of my heart if I don’t trick you once? "
In the picture, Zhao Lan was taken to the heavily guarded interrogation room. Before the picture, Anliya’s face became more and more brilliant.
"I said Anliya …" Zhou Xiao said while his hands kept beating on the keyboard. "Zhao Lan is also the descendant of our human hero Zhao Huasheng. Maybe it was a loss of heart to send a white message to our adventurer rescue organization. Is it worthwhile to trick her with such a big fanfare?"
"Heart loss? Can the heart fail to say the name and number of the boss’s spaceship are right? " Anliya grunted coldly, "If you simply pass false information, it’s just that we’ve seen so many people anyway, but Zhao Lan this guy actually fooled us with the number of the boss Yuanwang spacecraft, which made me really out of danger. Searching at the signal source and finding no signal made me worry for several days in vain … Okay, okay, I know that you are reluctant to let such a great beauty suffer, and I promise to trick her for three days at most. After three days, she will leak the real video to the police. Those idiots will naturally know that Zhao Lan will be released when the time comes.
"quick! Zhou Xiao, hurry up. Can you adjust the video accuracy? What about the sound? Why can’t you hear the sound? " AnLiYa suddenly cried "police interrogation Zhao Lan! Now Zhao Lan’s expression must be wonderful! "
"It’s the highest accuracy. This is a hardware problem that can’t be adjusted." Zhou Xiaoman said with nai. "The sound can’t be made, but the police interrogation prisoners will leave sound and video records. After a while, I invaded a police database and tuned this record out for you …"
At the moment, Zhao Lan sat in the interrogation chair with a blank face in the police station and felt that the policeman was speaking like an alien language.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Harassment
"Zhao Lannv is 25 years old and graduated from the Astrophysics Department of the Central Capital University. At present, she is a descendant of Zhao Huasheng, a human hero …" The young policeman in front of Zhao Lan read out this passage in a very rigid way. "At noon this afternoon, an executive of Tianhong Group entered the residence of Huaxing Building by some means and tried to steal a chip with confidential business information, but she was arrested when she tried to escape … Do you have any objection to this piece of information?"
Zhao Lan felt that a little star was about to pop up in her eyes. Zhao Lan could guarantee that she didn’t know what was going on. She walked into a commercial building at will, then prepared to go shopping, and then inexplicably went to that floor through the stairs, and then was led to the home of some group executive by the baby crying inexplicably, and then she was arrested inexplicably.
"I have an objection," cried Zhao Lan. "I refuse to admit your accusation against me. Now I demand to see my lawyer and my lawyer will negotiate with you."