That is to say, through us, you can buy all kinds of high-tech materials and intelligence of the Ante Empire.

If the joint parliament is interested, we can do everything for a while, and everyone needs what he wants! "Yun Nie smilingly.
Isar reacted for a long time after listening to it.
This seems to be … Cross-text purchasing! ?
Chapter five hundred and ten The deeper reasons
To tell the truth, Nie Yunyi is quite attractive.
If we agree that the binary star can not only regain the distribution of life and water in the event of defeat, but also trade with a strong scientific and technological strength, it is difficult to estimate the value in detail
However, Isar’s heart is still more inclined to continue to fight.
It seems to her that these interests are quite unstable, and all the interests are based on keeping the promise of everything for a while. If the other party finds an excuse to turn against each other again like this time, all the interests are just that the other party draws a pie.
Moreover, the geographical location of the Sun Wormhole with "two" powerful words suddenly becomes more and more crucial, just like the "male" who occupied this pass in ancient wars had the strategic initiative.
It seems quite dangerous to lose the wormhole of the sun, Isabel.
But if we really keep fighting …
Isabelle looked around the battlefield, and the pioneers in front were defeated, and the enemy mecha army was eyeing the flank … Well, those pig teammates didn’t matter!
"Alas …" Isabel sighed in her heart.
The two sides of the battlefield were wary of each other’s slow retreat, and it was noisy for several hours. Only a few mechanical debris and floating objects in the universe told us that the war had just been tragic.
The battle has been divided to some extent, and both sides have no will to continue fighting.
Isar can’t beat the unfavorable situation.
For Nie Yun, although it is not impossible to completely defeat the binary fleet in front of him, I am afraid that there are not many combat weapons left except the mithril fleet, and even the immortal is in danger of being hit hard.
Moreover, once the proxima centauri Tuo Legion is destroyed, it will definitely anger the binary star completely. If they send three or five fleets to Yun Nie regardless, they can return to the sun for a while, but it will not pay off.
Now is by no means the best time for Nie Yun, whose strength is rising at a high speed.
"Shout ~" NieYun long out of breath look a little tired.
At the same time, controlling a large number of mechanical worms to participate in the war, especially launching a combined warship "transformation ability", made Yun Nie consume a lot of spirit. Such a large-scale precision control is almost the limit of Nie Yun’s current operation.
But it’s finally over!
He smiled and closed his eyes and slowly fell into a deep sleep …
The aftermath was handed over to the code-named battlefield residual "Sword Fairy" mecha, which was woven into a scattered queue and retreated backward. Before leaving, I didn’t forget to pack and drag away a large number of mechs and warship wrecks like a group of street sweepers with strong environmental awareness.
These are important manufacturing materials, some of which are not strictly broken. The heavy armor will be repaired by mechanical worms and will soon be alive and kicking again, which will greatly shorten the manufacturing period.
The binary star code-named "Cleaning the Battlefield" here also gathered troops to count the battle damage.
"What is our loss?" Isabel looked at the adjutant.
"Only my feather clan and his men destroyed the battle mecha and only 176 warships sank seven …" The adjutant bowed his head and said with awe.
This doesn’t include the loss of the sea clan. In this battle, the Double Star Extension Corps almost built another sub-fleet, and all the weapons were almost swept away!