The fairy’s general residence, Gaohe, had no training, was tired and didn’t sleep for several days. He consciously closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

The courtyard has the function of self-protection. Even if there is no fence, the yogi may not be able to enter the Gaohe without strong destruction like the ice demon. There is no alarm clock to urge, no training plan to force, no warship communicator to call, no emergency alarm, no sadness and loneliness of being far away from human society, no loss of parents and family, and no regret to sleep with several confidantes.
Perhaps this is the most comfortable and sweet sleep that Gao He has ever enjoyed in his life. I don’t know how long it took Gao Hecai to wake up from his dream and stretch himself for a long time, so that he can fully rest himself and get up completely.
The battleship navigator has already got the preliminary detection results. Although it is not suitable for human habitation for the time being, it has unique conditions for plant growth, and it may be developed into a resource planet.
Gao Hecai, regardless of these conclusions, slowly put away the courtyard and look around again. You can see the grassland here and Gao He wants to see the forest.
Boarding a warship at a slow speed slowly skips from dozens of meters and slowly appreciates this most primitive and calm natural scenery.
A familiar smell made Gao He a little startled. Not far away, he came to a burst of energy spar. Gao He felt that he didn’t want to fly a warship.
Gao He didn’t feel wrong. Let the warship hover. Gao He found a piece of dark green energy spar bigger than his own head without much effort. The pure wood property energy spar is much higher than those found on the energy planet in terms of color and size. Even Gao He’s hand, who was selected together with the ice demon, is a piece of cake before Jane.
I can’t believe that there is such a good thing here. I won’t let it go when I know it. I just don’t know if anyone in the face has the luck to come here from a black hole.
Anyway, a holiday is a holiday, but you can’t go home without a hand. You don’t mind bringing a few friends to each of you to commemorate Gao He.
Leisure vacation has evolved into an adventure and treasure hunt. After several rounds, Gaohe has really found some good spar, and the beautiful scenery of the planet has not been spared. Especially in several special spectacular places, Gaohe has taken careful pictures of his own warship cameras, and even those friends can’t come over, they can have an eye addiction from this side.
When the planet stayed for about a week, Gao He could no longer keep calm and enjoy it. It seems that he is not a person who can rest assured at the root. When he went back this time, he decided to retire and come here to live in seclusion alone.
Maybe it’s not a good idea to come alone, but Gao He asks himself that he can’t protect a person from getting through the black hole safely. Maybe it’s possible but it’s only possible. Let’s talk about these things then!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three Close for a long time will be divided ()
The return trip is very simple. Just push hard in the direction of the black hole. To be on the safe side, Gao He still wrapped the whole warship in gold and made a special backup of the navigator data. Although I don’t know if these backup data can be stronger than the whole warship, Gao He still did it according to the operating procedures.
If Gaohe is to fall into that state once in the past, Gaohe still needs to ensure his own life. Gaohe has specially prepared an identity verification and security level verification program, believing that if there is not enough security level, there is no way to fight his own warship.
The direction of the black hole is dark. The Gaohe warship has theoretically entered the gravitational field according to the calculation of the navigator, but Gaohe still doesn’t feel the special gravitational change. I have never heard of an object that can shield the mass field. Did you still find a new substance?
No matter whether many of these phenomena are beneficial or not, it is a good thing that I will no longer experience the pain of crossing a black hole wormhole once, nor will I fall into the state of intense pain that I can’t move for a long time.
It is also very important that if it is true, it will not be a problem for Gao He to bring a person here. Maybe he can be accompanied by someone when he lives in seclusion. After such a long time, he has just crossed the dream of transcending reincarnation and may have to find another way.
Entering the black hole area, although Gaohe tried to open his eyes wide to see clearly, the black hole really deserved its name, even a ray of light penetrated into Gaohe’s eyes, but it was strange that Gaohe’s warship had not changed, and even the lights inside were all normal. Perhaps this was the result of a black hole transformation.
The sudden and vigorous acceleration made Gao He somewhat caught off guard, but it was just a moment that Gao He saw the scenery in front of his eyes. Gao He knew that it was such a short moment that he had passed through the wormhole in that theory and entered a new one.
Fortunately, from the navigator, the orbit is calculated according to the mass and position of the surrounding stars, and then compared with the original stars. The results show that this is the wormhole theory that Gaohe entered the black hole, or it has stood the test. In other words, Gaohe went home.
Now the coordinates are not the area that will be affected by gravity, which will lead to abnormal communication and positioning, but a normal star domain jumping point nearby. This is a test weapon and a deserted star domain. Except for a test meeting, a communication signal relay is placed here. Usually, there is no such equipment. Gaohe can also directly connect to the military.
Gao He hesitated for a long time in front of the jumping point, and was finally defeated by exposing millions of people who sacrificed the truth behind the scenes and chose to return to human society.
"General, your urgent communication request!" During the meeting, General Zhao Qi was very unhappy that his military meeting was interrupted, and it was still a military meeting of this level. However, this adjutant was very measured and it was not important. He would not harass the general at this moment.
"Who requested communication?" Mr. President motioned for him to give priority to emergency situations. General Zhao Qi asked first.
"General!" The adjutant hesitated, but still gritted his teeth. "The identity of the camel has been confirmed and I have seen him in the video."
The adjutant’s voice is not loud, but several people around him have good ears, especially Mr. President, "Camel? Take it! " Such keen hearing makes people believe that he is an old man of that age.
Obviously, the identity of the signal of Gaohe warship was verified, which surprised the general who received the communication request and several others. At the first moment, three screens and three heads appeared in front of Gaohe. Mr. Chairman, General Zhao Qi and another Gaohe did not expect that it was actually the Speaker’s Pavilion.
"Where are you? Is it an alpha star? " The general’s first sentence made Gao He very confused. When he had an accident, he entered the deserted star field through Alpha Star. Now he can get through the communication. Of course, it is Alpha Star.
"It’s a general!" Gao He did not hesitate to answer the horse.
Three people seem to face some slight changes. Look at Gao He’s eyes. I don’t know what happened. "Your horse tried to get back to the earth’s star field." General Zhao Qi seems to have no idea what to hide or worry about. Is it a matter of going back to the earth’s star field with a worried face? Do you still need to find a way?
"The situation is special. The whole Alpha and Gamma stars have rebelled. They are now enemies!" Just said these words, Gaohe communication was suddenly cut off, and several screens turned dark, but the horse lit up again, but this time it was not the previous few people but a strange general.
"Hello, Lieutenant Colonel Camel!" The other party greeted Gao He politely and didn’t feel anything special. He saluted directly.
"self-introduction-I’m Major General Turner from Alpha Star Field. We intercepted your communication with the rebels, and I took the liberty to interrupt your connection." The other party didn’t mean anything unfriendly. Gao He also looked at the communication equipment to see what he had to say. What happened to human society now? The general said these guys were rebels and these guys said they were rebels.
"Inform you of your location coordinates, and we will take you to our military base to land and explain everything to you. We have many questions to ask you after you have been missing for so long," General Turner said, and then it became an imperative tone.
"please verify your identity!" Gao He won’t be fooled by these two or three sentences. It’s understandable that a major general will suddenly order himself like this. Who knows if his identity is true or not?
General Turner’s face looked at Gao He on the screen as if something had changed. "You have expired authentication, and both of our identification codes have passed the law, so your warship authentication can’t be granted by us."
"I’m sorry general! We will carry out your orders. "The two sides said to each other that if the rebels wanted Gao He to choose, Gao He would rather choose General Zhao Qi, and there are also Mr. Chairman and the Speaker’s Cabinet. Compared with them, this general Turner has high credibility, and he is far from it.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three Close for a long time will be divided ()
Before that general Turner continued to say anything, Gao He cut off the communication screen. Gao He was also a little overwhelmed. General Turner was able to directly cut into the top secret communication between Gao He and General Zhao Qi, obviously directly controlling the jump point signal relay. Is it true that General Zhao Qi said this?
What happened? How can there be two star domain people rebel? What happened just four months ago? These high cranes are unknown. Is it because the cabal saw a genial smile that it jumped into the place?
Now there is no way to know what happened, but Gao Heke can be sure that his warship must have become an alpha star domain wanted warship. If it appears, it will be attacked differently.
Playing public communication and receiving signals should not be discovered. Gao He wants to know what happened. He just won the semi-human war. Is human society going to split and not afraid of those semi-human people fighting back?
The broadcast of Alpha Star Field made Gao He believe that the programs on the screen kept preaching the Federal Republic as good as it was, and kept exposing the rule of the joint parliament as bad as it was, and what an empire was good or bad.
Gao He’s head is almost confused. I don’t know what happened, what Republic and what empire. Has the whole human history written a new chapter in these few months? Or do you say that if you close for a long time, you will break up for a long time?
The rebel in general Zhao Qi’s mouth, and the rebel in general Turner’s mouth, have now announced that Gaohe, the empire of the joint parliament of the Federal Republic, has been confused for a while and human beings have split? Or three minutes?
There is no clue to find some clues from these public media, but these programs have nothing to do with the changes in the whole society when it is divided. Gaohe knows very well that this is a public media controlled by the military.
It seems that there is no news from here, and Gao He doesn’t expect to get any friendly treatment from Alpha Star. After all, he was born as a soldier in Beta Star Domain directly under General Beta Star Domain Hammer, and General Zhao Qi commanded him to cut off the communication with General Turner. He is a wanted criminal here, and even an enemy spy. Such an identity will never be welcomed.
I don’t know if the Alpha military has locked the position of its warship, but Gaohe has decided to move to another place. After the transformation of the black hole, the engine is an acceleration, and the military can never believe that the speed is flying in the direction of the jump point.
The scanning range is so large that Gao Hegen, a strange place at the other end of the black hole, has no reference to determine his warship scanning range. It has always been the same as before, and now it is discovered that the original Alpha star field can scan several stars, but the distance radius has been far expanded by dozens of times.
In this way, there are no warships that can be compared with the small warship Gaohe. Even those warships that specialize in early warning may not have the performance of Gaohe. Gaohe will find the enemy one step ahead of the enemy. Although the black hole has undergone a series of transformations, Gaohe is not arrogant enough to confront the entire star fleet with one warship.
It’s not good that there is a fleet near the jumping point. Gaohe found this cruising fleet far away, and the fleet may have found someone scanning it. Judging from their transfer, it’s very likely that they already know that Gaohe scanned several warships and searched in several directions.
Gaohe quietly closed the scanning system and hovered behind a planet, quietly waiting for those fleets. The performance of Gaohe warships is much higher than that of those battleships. If they accidentally let the jumping point Gaohe find a gap and fly quickly.
However, there is one thing that makes Gao He very suspicious. A search warship not far from his eyes passed by Gao He less than a few hundred kilometers away, but it actually went straight past like not seeing Gao He.
Deliberately releasing water? Those people know who they are tracking, and pretend not to see what they have done for themselves in this semi-human war?
How is that possible! Gao Hema denied this absurd idea, not to mention whether those people would inform the whole fleet of Gao He’s true identity. Even so, Gao He has not expressed his support, and the former soldiers will never let go of themselves. If they were searchers, they would certainly be thinking like this.
It may be that those people didn’t find themselves. They scanned the system and found their warships after being transformed by black holes.
It’s another new discovery. It’s really a big gain after a trip to the black hole. I don’t know what else Gao He hasn’t found. I’m looking forward to it
Now that they found themselves and Gaohe had an idea, it was not particularly difficult for them to return to the earth’s star domain except for the visual scanning of warships.
The only problem is to solve the problem if the warship soldiers don’t see the trouble. Gao He thought for a long time and suddenly remembered that when he bombed the semi-human fortress, Wang Yong’s warship painted a visual circle that could confuse people.