In addition to resources and job transfer certificates, he is a bit dismissive of a reward.

[Epic (Epic)]
[It takes 24 hours to get a reward after you can enter the random story.]]
Deputy, he knows the plot, but the combination of the two words makes him nod, which makes him vaguely think of such things as past life drama killing.
However, it must be a good thing to mark the epic rare evaluation. Unlike the fairy spider queen, he can’t do this, but he can and there are rewards.
"Wait till the day to see what the new activity is. After all, it’s 24 hours."
If he does, he will skip a day. Although it is the same whether he is in the territory or not, he is the spiritual pillar and backbone of the geeks, and even if he is a loser, he is also a Lord.
Then there is a rare certificate of changing jobs called Nightmare Knight.
【 Nightmare Knight Transfer Certificate (Rare) 】
[Job Transfer Demand Wizard]
This is a little better than the former elf spider queen’s job transfer certificate, with less requirement that the elves have no restrictions on gender.
Well, it’s also a waste. Qin Mu Ye can learn from it. After all, it’s a beast.
Plus this nightmare knight, he already has experimental data of three kinds of beast-shaped people.
The gremlin is an imitation of the fire gremlin, the elf spider queen is a spider man, and the nightmare knight is naturally a centaur
If Qin Mu Ye can find a horse or a giant spider, he can also make a strange spider man and a strange centaur, but he doesn’t have these two resources.
It’s only a pity that there are two things that don’t have architectural drawings and treasure drawings of evil corpse knights’ arms. Perhaps it’s not the magic blood and black hands, but the reason why the plot supplement is too precious. This is an epic level
"Well, it’s not time to rest now, so take advantage of the undead forces to wipe out the future trouble!" Qin Mu Ye said.
This undead force has always been a menace to Qin Mu Ye, and now it must be pursued with 56 points of attack.
"Yes, master. We’ll start at once."
The two men took the mad blood monkey and set out in the direction of the tomb of the undead tortured from the mouth of the spider zombie hero.
Chapter 46 Destroy the undead forces
Qin Mu Ye and Magic Blood Evil Language galloped all the way. After this monster siege, all the wild monsters around them disappeared. Obviously, they were all pulled up and then wiped out by Qin Mu Ye.
This urgent March is really tiring. Qin, Mu Ye and the evil language are just like the small troops. Finally, they can take the two of them with them. Otherwise, what can I do?
You can’t throw them in the same place, can you? This makes Qin Mu Ye understand one thing. He has to be hard-pressed while the iron is hot. After there are more heroes, he won’t follow the outside.
Just hide in the mage tower and do research yourself.
Then, he took the time to look at the points store. He has 90,000 activity points. If he wants to change the magic guild and library, he can get a total of 10,000 points, but after the change, there are only 10,000 points left, and a little infrastructure can’t be changed.
You have to choose
Finally, Qin Mu Ye chose the Magic Guild and the Library, two rare architectural drawings, with 10,000 points left, and he replaced them with transfer certificates. Ordinary occupations are not rare occupations.
They are aristocrats, businessmen, farmers, miners, loggers, cooks, doctors, wizards, knights and archers.
The first seven are all life professions, while the last three are fighting professions. The mage is here to make up for his lack of fighting power in his territory by cultivating knights, cavalry and archers.
Therefore, he needs a champion geek to fill this gap. Even now, he has only won two champion geeks, and it is not so easy to find ten.
After all, Qin Mu Ye also saw the gap between ordinary occupations and rare occupations, but there is no way for heroes to sublimate their talents like Qin Mu Ye, a God-given Lord. The occupation represents the heroic potential.
There may be rare occupations and epic occupations, but this is not the case. It is not a good thing that Qin Mu Ye can aim too high.
What he can touch and what he can’t touch these things, he knows that he can still grasp the self-knowledge
My own experience is just a cold window to study hard. Ordinary people still lack exercise and are in sub-health. The best way to develop is to be down-to-earth without great talent and talent.
"Master, here we are!"
Carrying Qin Mu Ye crazy blood monkey woke up and was thinking about him.
Qin Mu Ye came to his senses and saw that it was a huge arched grave surrounded by a dense but silent atmosphere.
At this time, the magic blood has arranged for a mad blood monster to explore the road, which is when the monster stepped into the grave as promised.
[You captured an undead territory]