See cloud drunk longed for even ask yourself to calm down, but said, "When you came just now, your sovereign said that he would give you a chance to take revenge."

Smell speech longed for not surprised.
Chi Mi gave him a chance to get revenge?
Who should I report this hatred to?
Seeing Mu Lian’s vacant and surprised expression, Yun Zui immediately added, "Tiefan and Yunshang are both known in the capital, and two people, especially Tiefan, have won many battles and have always been loyal. You have a deep relationship with Tiefan, but the emperor should say that Tiefan and his wife rebelled, and everyone knew that Tiefan and Yunshang were not long when they went in. How could they kill the emperor in such a short time? There are many doubts among them, and they are all emperor’s words. There is no definite evidence. "
Cloud drunk words backward longed for even not lost in thought.
He thinks Yun Zui is right, but why should Chi Xuan destroy his good general?
Well, he’s not white, just like Chi Xuanke let people retreat and let him go, but he let him die afterwards.
And it’s assassination, not fair execution
He can be said to be a man of his word who was assassinated behind his back.
Summing up a little bit of Mu Lian couldn’t help but kneel down to Chi Mifeng’s eyes.
Yun Zui and Chi Mie can’t help but say something when they see Mu Lian’s move.
Chapter 1 vengeance
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Mu Lian knelt down and immediately asked Chi Mi, "Your Majesty, please accept me."
If Chi Mi accepts him, he can compete with Chi Xuan through Chi Mi’s power.
Wen Yanchi Nie Yi was not surprised at all, and immediately said, "Wang can keep you, but you must not let people see your face, and even if something happens, you need to say that lurking in the Wangfu is the safest place."
For a moment, Mu Lian immediately felt grateful and bent over the ground to knock his head.
He seemed very sincere, but at the moment Chi Mi didn’t even think about refusing or anything.
This is just to let Chi Mi follow his heart.
"After that, you will be the king’s personal bodyguard." Chi Mi said to Mulian very much.
Cloud drunk at this time also took out a face to longed for even then said, "this will keep you, you can be another new face appeared in front of everyone, there will be no doubt about you.
Mu Lian took the human face and probably knew that Chi Mie was willing to take him in because of his drunken face, and even if things were exposed in the future, he would have sophistry.
Chi Mie is actually taking in a person without consuming his own strength.
"Xie Mie Wang Ye" Mulian bent over Chi Mie and made a Xiangtou.
Cloud drunk can’t help secretly their faces. The man’s face still knew that Yunmo would buy a few pieces for himself, that is, novelty. I didn’t expect Mu Lian to be a pool of things.
Thank you should also be thanking her.
Seeing that the goal has been successfully achieved, I can’t help but slightly hook my lips and then get drunk at the cloud. "Let’s bring this face to the Wangfu someday."
Wen Yan Yun was drunk and immediately looked at Mu Lian and said, "After you stay with your prince, your safety is not a problem."
Mu Lian couldn’t help but be moved. I didn’t expect Yun Zui to persuade Chi Mi to come to help.
But the drunken cloud is the powerful granddaughter of the cloud, and maybe it’s the cloud and the pool.
"Come on, let’s go." Chi Mie has arranged things now, and now he is still talking nonsense with Mu Lian, and he can’t help feeling unhappy.
Yun Zui couldn’t help licking his lips. Is this impatient?
But Yunzui still has something to say, and of course he doesn’t want to let it go.
"What report can go out and wait for a moment? I think he has something to say. "
Smell speech pool is unhappy at once, but Yunzui’s eyes stared at him, and he was unwilling to turn away.
When he saw Yunzui, he couldn’t help but look slightly at Mu Lian. He immediately smiled and squatted down to Mu Lian’s way. "Take a good rest and go to Wangfu every day to report that what a report protects you. Even if you are under Chi Xuan’s eyelids, you may not recognize Chi Xuan, and you have to take revenge. What a report thinks about Chi Xuan’s life and death is not too important, so it is called that you don’t need to intervene yourself."
With that, Yunzui was going to turn away, but Mulian suddenly took Yunzui’s hand and said "thank you"
Cloud drunk not shame immediately the baggage and take the journey "thank me again when you electrocuting successfully reported"
Maybe by that time, Mulian knows that she is Yunzui, that is, Toffee doesn’t know whether she will be an enemy or an enemy.
19 Chapter 19 Policy
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It’s too early to say thank you, and she doesn’t need others to say thank you. After all, she doesn’t really want to help anyone.
Smell speech longed for even not startled this statement is unique, but longed for even didn’t feel anything wrong.
So he immediately added, "If I am still alive after the revenge is completed, I will marry your wife."
It’s Yunzui’s turn to be startled.
Take a wife! Marrying a wife will be the biggest dream of Yunzui in ancient times, right?
Mu Lian would say this at this moment.
If you imagine that one day the ancient Yunzuizhen and Mulian went to the wedding, would Mulian think if she saw this face when she lifted the bride’s red veil?
You must be surprised and shocked, and you might want to kill her, right?
And he already has a wife, or did he die because of him
Yunzui also knows that at the latest, he will return to Su Ran’s pupil when it is snowing heavily. By then, Yunzui’s character will disappear in both modern and ancient times, right?
It’s too early to say all this.
The plan will never change.
Cloud drunk can’t help but pull pull corners of the mouth spit out a word "good".
She is replacing ancient Yunzui, saying that ancient Yunzui must be very, very eager to be Mulian’s wife, right?
What’s more, Mulian wants to marry an ancient Yunzui, which is definitely not her modern Yunzui.
"See you that day" Mu Lian slowly stood on the ground.
Yunzui nodded and was about to leave, but Mu Lian suddenly took Yunzui’s hand and looked at Mu Lian with a slight frown.
At this moment, Mu Lian suddenly leaned over the drunken lip of the cloud and printed it across a layer of gauze.
Yunzui felt a crisp, limp and numb touch with a little moist/wet.
After the kiss, Mulian slowly let go and spit out two words "wait for me"
Yunzui couldn’t help but feel a bad cold. She loved Yunmo so much at first, but now she does this to a woman.
Did you change your mind too quickly or were you moved by the ancient cloud drunkenness?
Yunzui didn’t speak this time and immediately turned away.
And longed for even as a cloud drunk shy will escape so fast.
Withdraw the line of sight at this time, Mulian’s cave was silent and dim candlelight.
The cloud was drunk out of the cave pool and immediately noticed it.
He put his hands around his chest and arms and walked towards Yunzui.
"Can you go back?" It’s getting late at the moment.