"Hey … you wait!"

Bersh people were surprised when they saw it, but a few of them followed, and then all the Bersh people jumped up.
This is … interesting.
Lin felt that this suddenly became calm, and Ershi people should have it with Ershi.
The former buses called Walsh instead of calling, but called out the pipeline, but Walsh was not delivered here
In fact, it has been sending a lot of information to the buses here, because these buses know little about the pipeline.
With the information of Walsh, they have a good understanding of the pipeline and try to adopt various tactics.
In addition, Walsh also tried to make more impact here, including sending his "consciousness" … here and giving advice directly to the bus.
The’ consciousness’ sent by Walsh will be directly introduced into some biological bodies, for example, now Lin sees this Walsh people.
Suolin decided to communicate with it and have a look. Maybe this Ershimin was really influenced by consciousness.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and seventy-two Calm leader
"Where on earth are we going?"
"find a place to live. Don’t you want to live?"
This is a number of rocks … Fragments floating on land.
These floating objects are in action by a group of Kirsh people … jumping from one stone to another and drifting from one place to another with one purpose, that is … to live.
Lin has spread many arms to this area to find something important … like organs, and at the same time, she is watching this group of people move.
Their leader was replaced by a smaller one, who had been in a state of help and fear before, and now he led the rapid action.
Their goal is a floating island not far away … covered with many moss-like green substances.
It seems to be a place where there are creatures, which makes them want to go there first
This floating island should be a green bus. Although the surface of the green bus was almost burned clean, there are still a lot of moss-like green substances under it.
But Lin noticed its location … This piece of green bus was mixed with a pile of dark red bus pieces.
This is also the current state of this region.
All the pieces are mixed together. Simply put, after the buses and pipes are chopped up, their pieces are randomly sent to various positions in the whole area.
You will see different pieces of buses and pipes mixed together, which makes this a very interesting place.
Although this group of people don’t think so, their emotions are full of despair now, so they all followed it with a calm team leader.
Lin is also in their group … A fluffy ball with a diameter of one meter will follow.
Lin Qian wanted to talk to the cool leader directly, but now she thinks she should observe and see what she wants to do first.
"Here we are."
By this time, they have jumped to their destination-green fragments with a diameter of about 100 meters.
After stepping on a dense moss-like green substance, dozens of people in Ershi were full of doubts.
"What are we doing here …?" A certain citizen asked.
The leader of "… detecting the cut place" is walking fast in front of this group of Ershi people, and the protective shoes are attached so that it can easily walk here.
The leader went to the center of the island, raised his hand and made some strange gestures, some of which were like the surrender gesture of the people of Ershi.
When the Belsh people became more puzzled, it also explained, "I just told you that this situation here is completely caused by a war."
"The huge pipeline’ Midgart’ and what you call the’ super planet’ biological exhibition have a decisive battle. At the last minute, a weapon was activated," said the leader. "The effect was to break down all the materials here into basic particles, but now it seems that the effect is not so perfect and even a little different from the imagination."
Ershi people have many names for bus creatures, and’ super planet’ is also one.
"Although it should still kill Midgart … I’m not sure," said the leader, "there are many weapons here … leaving traces."
"Through these traces, we can jump to other fragments. There is always a fragment with enough resources for you to live or build an aircraft. Why don’t you really want to live? Then live and see. "
"How did you …"
Around, people … In a state of become speechless, there are also some doubts.
The cool team leader was really influenced by Walsh’s consciousness.
Lin detected that Lin recognized something like … Lin connected Ershveronica before.
"Who the hell are you!" At this time, a certain citizen came out and said, "You are not promise! Who the fuck are you ? What knows this? What … "
It seems that the name of this conscious leader is Nuo? Obviously, if you have an original understanding of it, the people of Ershi will notice its abnormality.
"Don’t say lines like shadows at this time," said the leader. "Get ready to attack. There is danger coming."
"What … ah!"
What else did the Ershimin want to say, but his words soon stopped.
Because it and all the people here can see in the distance … a fighter plane flew over.
That’s a bag fighter
Ershi people immediately took out their weapons and ejected a large number of them into the plane.
The hit fighter plane crashed into a floating stone next to it like it was out of control, and it was blown to powder.
"I can’t fight the waves well," said the tour leader. "But you should pay attention to it when you take it. There will be other dangers."
"The original creatures in the biological pipeline of the world here may all be alive," said the leader. "… just like us, they want to live."
"Who the hell are you!" Just now, I called the leader’s original name, Ershimin, and pointed the weapon at the leader. "If you don’t explain, I will …"
The team leader remained calm. "If you kill me, you will live in France. Do you really want to do this?"
This Ershimin paused for a moment and then put his weapon in his hand.
"They always want to find out everything, but they can’t find out anything." When the team leader said this, he looked at the position of Lin’s velvet ball. "Don’t you think so?"
"… you know"
After thinking for a while, Lin slowly drifted to the leader’s side.
"I noticed you here," said the tour leader. "So what do you think of all this? This ….. war "