"Wait a minute, everyone," he said. "I’m Xue Nu, the master house of the ghost with a life barrier!"

Those evil spirits were shocked to hear him move out of such a big background.
-even a slave, but this is a ghost. Who dares to ignore it?
They stopped to wait for "Xue Nu" to fall among several people and fuels together, saying "I have seen Xue’s adult"
Gu Qingshan also fuels with a smile and says, "Really crack and chop."
Spell out a curse
The wind became blurred, and the evil spirits with fuels were caged.
They broke into several pieces of blood and flew towards the earth in the fog.
Gu Qingshan has pinched a tactic.
Suddenly all the bodies and blood fog were put away.
From shooting to killing everyone, when you fuels once, you are surrounded by others and everything goes unnoticed.
A few masks flew back and fell into Gu Qingshan’s hands.
Three masks were really cracked and chopped, and there were two left.
Every mask contains a powerful curse. If five people make moves at the same time, even the ghost male has to be cautious.
Unfortunately, it was Gu Qingshan they met.
-Gu Qingshan doesn’t like to give others a chance.
After examining a few masks, Gu Qingshan randomly picked a complete mask and launched a "Yushu Deep Shadow" to change his mask into the same shape.
He received a little blood fog in the breeze to arouse the mystery of homology of all beings and thoroughly transform each other.
"No one recognizes me here" Gu Qingshan said softly.
He released his mind in the direction of fighting.
There are more and more evil spirits thousands of miles away. From the sky to the ground, it is like a towering mountain surrounded by people.
Lynn still failed to break through!
Violent fighting, fluctuation, vibration and virtual thunderous roar.
Gu Qingshan took a deep breath and let out the yellow source force.
Appropriate to the six evil aspects, the source power of the yellow spring immediately shows that the source power of the evil spirits changes from yellow to dark.
From a distance, he looks like the devil in the dark!
Gu Qingshan started to shrink into an inch, and even flashed across thousands of miles to appear outside the encirclement.
Many evil spirits have whispered back, "This momentum … is the ghost male coming."
"Who is it?"
"Who is this?"
"No, this kind of power is stronger than the ghost male … it must be the people around the ghost master."
When Gu Qingshan was still in Mount Sumi, he could play against each other.
Now he has become a saint of the Milky Way, and he has won the status of the sacred election of the dead. He has transformed his spiritual power into the power of the dead, and he has long since dumped the ghost male.
His realistic ability has been able to fight the ghost master!
Gu Qingshan shouted at the top of the momentum, "Give your seat!"
He flew to the encirclement like a meteor, which made people feel frightened. The source of evil spirits diverged from him, attracting many evil spirits to look askance.
-this is the top player. Once he joins the battle, he will definitely be able to play the key!
The evil spirits think like this and make way one after another.
Gu Qingshan crossed thousands of evil spirits and swept into the array to see a tall woman and several evil spirits fighting endlessly.
beautiful jade
It was Lynn!
She glanced at Gu Qingshan’s side while coping with many evil spirits.
-Here comes the strongest evil spirit!
Lin body momentum a cold way "die"
Gu Qingshan laughed. "You can escape yourself? Show me that I killed her! "
Laughing at him, he said to Lin, "It’s me."
Lin was alarmed and responded, "Who are you?"
"Three coins, two swords in heaven and earth" Gu Qingshan Road
"There are too many people who don’t know these things. You can’t prove who you are!" Lin Fei fast way
She was murderous.
If he’s really okay, but if he doesn’t know so much, he must be a powerful character!
Gu Qingshan immediately sensed her pitfalls.
We can’t stay now. We must take advantage of all the evil spirits-
Gu Qingshan’s mind turned and finally Naiyin said, "Lin Death accepted that you kissed me."
He turned his body into a sharp shock wave, like a sharp sword, and went straight at Lin.
Those evil spirits who besieged him made room for him one after another.
Gu Qingshan is instantaneous!
He stretched out his fist and slammed it at Lin.
At this moment, Lin’s murderous look changed to fist palm and retreated half a step.
Whether it’s three coins or double swords in heaven and earth is a common experience for two people.
The most important thing is the kiss.
There was no one but Anna.
This is enough to prove identity.