The key is … The reward is not cheap!

"Ha ha! I told you! How can ghost captain do something he is not sure about? " Yuri laughed and thought it was earned this time.
Calculate the employment soon they will be able to add a new warship fleet strength will be up again!
"Don’t jump to conclusions and look at the situation in proxima centauri. Besides, this time, although the risk is not trivial, it is also a rare opportunity. We can just search proxima centauri’s intelligence!" Khufu said
"well! Say yes! " The other two are nodding.
Although ghost captain also has intelligence, it’s not, and proxima centauri’s intelligence doesn’t know how expensive it is to sell to death …
The warship radar has been searching for all kinds of astronomical data and military intelligence in proxima centauri for the first time since it passed through the wormhole.
Now the earth defense force fleet has just taken shape, and all kinds of interstellar war experience are quite lacking. It is also a completely strange star field.
For them, this is a young eagle spreading its wings. Without all kinds of information and data from ghost captain, it is an exciting challenge for this new interstellar armed group to lead independently and accumulate experience.
Relying on all kinds of optical and gravitational detection equipment, the information was continuously sent to the three people.
"Binary indeed as expected a second-tier legion has so many warships, but what does the green friendly cursor mean? It seems to be … approaching us? "
I saw that the radar had a striking huge green cursor slowly approaching their wormhole area, and there were two red enemy fleets behind them. Even the fleet that had just evacuated seemed to turn around and go straight for it.
It’s hard for people not to pay attention to it because three fleets are chasing after it.
"psst! Almost all the entire army of the enemy troops have been dispatched? "
"I think we may have found the battlefield key core! This friendly army that went deep into the enemy’s rear is probably the reason why ghost captain dared to expedition to proxima centauri! "
The three men quickly made their own judgment after a double analysis.
"But what ghost captain fleet didn’t mean anything to support? Even if you go after it and put some pressure on the intercepting fleet, is it okay? " Yuri wondered
All three people are quite puzzled about this, but it didn’t take long for them to know that it was unnecessary to worry about it …
Hours later, the second wave of interception fleet of green friendly binary stars encountered a positive encounter!
Although the distance is too far to receive the battlefield picture, the strong energy and radiation fluctuation clearly show the intensity of the battle!
Then they saw the green spots representing friendly forces crashing into enemy lines, and then the red spots representing enemy warships quickly disappeared one by one …
"This ….." Three people completely dumbfounded.
That scene is like a bowling rampage, and there are a dozen fragile pins "ping" in front of it … and then there is no more …
Once again, the immortals from distant extraterrestrials left behind a mess …
The original system was still intact, and now there are only two or three kittens left in the mighty fleet, and they are still smoking, which is obviously not light.
"quick! Put out the fire! "
"Maintenance class! The hull in area 23 is broken and the sealed cabin is damaged. Come and support! "
The flagship commander of the third fleet of Hai clan looked at the bottom crew’s panic and busy rescue scene and almost wanted to cry.
What was hit hard? What’s strong outside but weak inside? False! It’s all fake!
Look at each other’s fierce appearance. Where is there any sign of injury? !
Our two sub-fleets can’t stop us. How can we be rivals with our own strength? But when the reaction came, the retreat could not be completed.
Isar Court missed me!
Conspiracy! This is definitely a conspiracy to kill us!