Lin has thought about all kinds of problems before, especially the cause of the explosion. Although she has done many calculations, it still feels very dangerous to carry so much fuel.

Sorin Leviathan has made many special’ fragments’, which are very small and wrapped by a layer of sealed and solid shell.
This shell has many characteristics such as high temperature resistance and impact resistance, and there are some very primitive cells in it. These cells can almost live in the environment, including oxygen environment, and they can have very strong vitality at high temperature or low temperature.
These cell shells are almost distributed in Leviathan. When Leviathan explodes, it will also spread out. Perhaps it is because Leviathan was very close to the moon when it exploded. When it exploded, fragments fell into the moon like meteorites.
Now Lin can feel some fragments around, which are distributed on the moon surface, and some fragments are floating in the darkness outside …
The fragments falling on the moon are all very small, but the largest is only five centimeters, and the smallest is a few millimeters. Although the fragments originally made by Lin are also of different sizes, it seems that they have been worn after falling on the moon.
They all have no vision. Lin has to dissolve their shells and grow eyeballs, but when they grow eyeballs, the cells inside will not touch the outside environment. This is to prevent toxic substances from entering Lin. She doesn’t know that the environment here has a strange feeling because the water is blue. In addition, there are many bubbles, but I don’t know if it is oxygen.
But Lin is most looking forward to the fact that the creatures haven’t been found yet. Always let these fragments get together first …
Just choose this place. Lin saw a small island not far ahead, about ten meters diverse
I thought that Lin slowly dissolved the debris and transformed this one-centimeter-long fragment into a movable one. Dirty and muscles were formed in it, and some muscles were covered with shells, and the original shells of the debris were dissolved. These muscles formed flippers that swam rapidly in the water like fish.
It feels a lot lighter here, which seems to be due to gravity. Although I don’t know gravity, Lin knows that it has something to do with the size of the object. Even if the fin is pulled out casually, it can reach extremely fast.
Lin was thinking that the current around her suddenly became faster, and many fragments in the water were immediately washed away by the current, but the first fragment had caught the edge of the island, and it slowly climbed up with some pointed feet like joints.
If you look back after climbing the land, you can see a rolling ocean, and the sky is blocked by a thick fog, so you can’t see the clouds or the sky.
But there is light here, and the sun shines in the same way and gives it warmth.
When the ocean slowly calmed down, the surrounding debris quickly climbed the island, but there were more debris scattered further away, and Lin asked them to find another place.
After all the debris crawled here, Lin looked around the surrounding ocean again
Here, the ocean and the land feel very similar … although the colors are even stranger, Lin now thinks it’s time to carry out a part …
This is the most important part. There is no way for a group of small fragments of several centimeters to explore the nutrients they are looking for and make them grow into bigger fragments.
So Lin let a piece of debris about two centimeters slowly climb to the seaside, and then it slowly hit the front end and inhaled some moon air through the shell …
At this moment, Lin suddenly had a general feeling of smelling excrement, and that piece of air-absorbed debris fell to the ground … and died.
Sure enough, it’s not surprising that the gas here is poisonous, but I didn’t expect to die so soon …
There are many kinds of gases in the gas, but Lin’s original land oxygen and other harmful gases account for a large part, while the lunar gas is obviously not composed of these harmful gases.
When Lin first flew, she thought that if each ball was surrounded by a layer of gas and the balls didn’t touch each other, their gas composition would be different.
This fragment of somatic cells is specialized to form dirty organs, which are no longer in the’ original’ state as before. Lin specially made a similar pre-life system to absorb and try to see the impact of toxic gas.
Thinking about Lin, let another fragment shell. This fragment cell type is somewhat different, which is made by Lin according to some fungi living near the submarine volcano.
Inhalation of toxic gas fragments after shell breaking didn’t kill her immediately, but Lynn felt it and had a special feeling …
When these gases enter the cells, they will damage the cell structure, block the nutrient synthesis system inside, and cause cell necrosis.
But this time it took effect much slower than before, and Lin found that some cells would not be affected.
So that’s it … Lynn already knew how the poison gas worked. Lynn closed the fragment and swallowed the damaged parts, and then formed some new cells. Then Lynn hit the shell of the fragment again.
Now the air smells fresh, and many of these new cells can completely filter out harmful components in the air.
However, although there seems to be oxygen in these gases, the content is very small. It is meaningless to absorb these gases now, but these poisonous gases will do harm even if they touch cells. To make these changes, we must know how the poison is, and Lin can think of ways to resist it.
Now the cells in these fragments are all in the oxygen state, which is a little slower than the aerobic state, but it will not be too slow because of the light gravity here.
Moreover, Lin has some methods to make oxygen, one of which is to absorb light cells, and Lin has recently been able to make oxygen by brain waves. However, because the fragments are all brain-free, the brain will not consume nutrients for the time being, and the synthesis will be slower. Now Lin is not going to make a brain
Both methods need water, and there is water everywhere, which is quite simple.
But what problems will you encounter in the water?
Lin let a piece of debris climb to the edge of the island and gently licked some seawater that stuck to the edge of the island.
Then the debris died.
Sure enough, this water is also poisonous. No wonder the color is so strange. Although there are more than 100 pieces here, Lin doesn’t want to waste them like this …
However, the toxin in this water seems to be easier to deal with than in the air. Then Lin let a fragment swallow some water, but this time she did not directly absorb the water, but hid it and then a large number of sharp tentacles at the end extended into the water to monitor the water.
I see. This water is mixed with many strange things, some of which will affect the synthesis of cell nutrients and damage the cell structure like those poisonous gases. Together, these strange impurities seem to make the water appear a light blue color.