It doesn’t seem to fly away, but it seems to suddenly disappear in the void.

But Lin’ Rock Cutter’ troops did not feel anything abnormal. This creature flies smoothly, but occasionally it vibrates like a trembling.
Now the method has returned to the surface of the virtual iceberg from the original road, and it must be moved deeper to make any new discoveries.
Lin, some caterpillar troops have already set out. They are all produced from the iceberg base.
These caterpillars are called "body explorers" for short.
Exploring barbed legs, grasping the ground and having certain jet moving ability, they have explored many channels of iceberg.
This is a very complicated tunnel with a large number of pipes extending around, and there are many spacious places besides Lin’s main base.
These spacious places usually have potholes and some water accumulation pits on the surface.
Some water is dissolved, but some is ordinary water, and Lin has never seen any strange alloy plates again. In addition, there are many carnivorous plants growing here, and they absorb nutrients from the water and live.
For these areas, Mu Lin is still very unclear. This place is somewhat like a stomach, but it is obvious that what icebergs eat will not be sent here.
This seems to be an extra area. Is it because the body is too big to grow all these extra areas?
Lynn thinks this kind of thing should be impossible.
At the same time, all the channels in this place are connected, and there are three wide points, all of which are smaller pipes. Although there are many channels, Lin found that none of them lead to the new area, but they are all repeated.
If you want to go deeper into the virtual iceberg, you must be as solid as ice here.
So Lynn got the caterpillars together in one place.
This is the second wide spot. These caterpillars gather in a pothole. Lin is going to dig a hole here.
After some research, Lin has discovered its’ ice layer’ characteristics. In fact, it is a kind of shell, but it is stronger than the alloy or shell that Lin has seen, except for the pioneers.
The most important thing is that it has a strong healing ability. It is not clear what is going on at present, but Lin has already found a way to drill it.
A caterpillar sticks out some tiny tentacles from its mouth, and its end secretes some liquid, which slowly touches the ground and rotates.
This movement must be paid great attention to … It would be bad if the iceberg was noticed.
Qian Lin met those fire flies and leeches, which Lin thought were an’ epidemic organism’ of the iceberg, just like the creator sword fleas. They helped the virtual iceberg clean up its debris, and the fire flies could even help it mend its wounds.
Lin, there are very few troops here, and the proliferation of plants that eat those meats is very slow, so there can be no loss here. We have to take these things slowly
The sawtooth at the end of the caterpillar’s tentacle cooperates with the solution to slowly disintegrate the ground’ ice layer’. Now it seems that it has not responded to this extent.
The’ ice layer’ on the surface of the virtual iceberg can feel the pain, and it appears particularly when Lin attacks it. It seems that the caterpillar is too small to react like a parasite.
At present, Lin doesn’t know how it can crack at any time and then sew it back. There’s nothing special about the’ ice layer’ here. It may be different from here …
A caterpillar is slowly drilling around, and the caterpillar should pay attention to other places to see if there are any creatures approaching, but there should be no epidemic creatures here.
Although I have seen several small leeches, they are not aggressive.
The caterpillar has already drilled into the ice, and a little bit more, it will reach the target area.
But I wish Lin didn’t know which part of the body belongs to the virtual iceberg and which part is not a dangerous area.
After drilling the last layer, Lin’s field of vision was suddenly covered with brilliance …
A large number of sparks-like red dots are flying and floating, and they spread. In front of the caterpillar, Lin noticed that these are very small creatures with a length of one centimeter and an oval and flat body.
These creatures look like a kind of creature called’ vortex worm’ and some plankton, but they are floating virtual icebergs. Because there is gas here, they can swim here as water.
There are many virtual iceberg creatures …
The caterpillar looked around and found that the cave wall was still like ice and there were a lot of spherical objects stuck to the cave wall.