"I want you to work for me now."

Feiyue showed a puzzled expression and said, "I really can’t figure out one thing."
"What?" Renee Doyle asked
"If you are so strong, you must have several ways to deprive me of my strength." Feiyue said.
She really can’t figure it out.
Renee Doyle hesitated and simply said, "telling you won’t prevent your mother from launching a very troublesome fate skill before she died. No one can force you to use that skill except you."
Feiyue nodded
She knew this, but she didn’t know that even Renee Doyle was afraid of this fate.
Renee Doyle continued, "Even if you take the initiative to lend it to others, the fate technician will definitely have children with you in the future. This is fate. I must fear fate!"
"what!" Feiyue’s small mouth was so scared that her soul was lost.
Everyone is a little surprised.
But this kind of thing is nothing, and everyone is a little surprised.
-no one knows that Feiyue has given Gu Qingshan the fate skill of "attachment"
Everyone flying on the moon gave Gu Qingshan a skill of joint fate.
The real slouches are Feiyue and Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan has lost his mind.
Feiyue didn’t look back, but she said to everyone, "Just now, she said that she can’t go against fate-this proves that she is also a destiny, otherwise she will know the consequences of fate better than me."
She said to Gu Qingshan alone, "Don’t worry about the baby. I don’t know in advance, and our horse will die in her hands."
Gu Qingshan "grace" a.
He quickly adjusted his mind.
Now, we have to find a way to escape from Renee Doyle in advance!
Fate professionals are the rarest and the scariest.
-but what is Renee Doyle’s destiny ability?
Gu Qingshan rapidly thinking about the sound track "crow"
"why?" Yawen
Gu Qingshan said, "You just added a sentence at the end when you launched the technique of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil."
The crow said, "I still have a way to interfere with her." Now I’m thinking hard about what to do. "
Gu Qingshan cheered, "Come on, you must know a lot about women after being married so many times."
"Don’t try to understand a woman," Crow said with a piece of advice and was puzzled. "But this woman is so strong that I don’t even know what she has experienced."
-What has Renee Doyle experienced?
Gu Qingshan responded as he thought, "She killed her lover with strength or something and then kept eradicating all potential threats-I know that."
"Kill the husband? It’s really an insecure woman. I can’t marry such a woman, "crow commented."
Gu Qingshan urged "do something quickly"
At this moment Renee Doyle mouth again.
"Feiyue tell me your answer"
Feiyue barely maintained her composure, and her emerald eyes revealed her last tenacity.
"I refuse to work for you," she said
After listening to Feiyue’s answer, Renee Doyle looked as cold as ice.
Vast power surged from her body and flooded towards everyone.
Everyone is like a raging tide, and there is not even a trace of self-control.
Renee Doyle sneered and said, "I’ll arrange for you to marry the owner of the fire."
"Don’t try to resist or I will kill all your friends one by one and torture you in the most cruel way."
Feiyue’s face is getting whiter and whiter, and everyone is in despair.
This one can’t be beaten.
But one person suddenly shouted "slow down!"
They twist a head to see is dressed as a flying crow.
At this time he was still dressed as a woman.
Renee Doyle stared at him with a murderous look. "Do you have a problem?"
Crow angrily said, "My young lady hates those smelly men the most. They are all weak and surround my young lady like flies every day-are you a woman and a woman persecuting a woman? Why must my young lady marry someone she doesn’t like? "
Gu Qingshan was amazed.
-if Renee Doyle really loves the boss, she will kill him and leave him?
Crow successfully found a key point.
Renee Doyle was dazed.
I don’t know what she thought of, but she didn’t make a move.
Gu Qingshan immediately flew to the moon.
Feiyue looked at Renee Doyle and said, "It’s not impossible for me to get married, but you need to find someone I’ve seen too much. Are you just going to leave me to that career?" He loves killing me most and would rather marry him than die! "
Renee Doyle looked at the flying moon and I didn’t know what to think. Her expression was somewhat complicated.
"This matter …"
She spoke slowly and suddenly became determined. "It’s not up to you!"
I don’t know how to say this, but Renee Doyle shook her head and suddenly turned and walked out.
When she got to the door of the palace, she paused.
"I’ll give you a quarter of an hour to make a decision at the end of the flying moon. I hope you can grasp your destiny."
After that, the layers of causal barriers closed and the palace was completely shrouded.