Royal roll into the lobby with two angels through the layers of buildings.

At last he reached a building in the deepest part of the church.
Six angels came and knelt down to salute.
"Saint, you are back."
They all said the same thing
A pair of pure white wings spread out behind the poor sacred mountain.
He nodded indifferently and said, "One of the church donors is called the Dragon King of the Prison. Go and kill him with the evil spirits."
Chapter three hundred and sixty Search
Evil ghost world
Deep in the silent temple, three statues stood motionless in turn.
This is a statue of three ghosts.
They stand here as if guarding something and waiting for someone.
Suddenly, a statue sounded, "It’s been half an hour, and there’s no news from Ghost Mountain. It’s probably a failure."
Another statue said, "We haven’t had any problems in the array of Destroying the Soul Mountain for 500 years. It seems that the assassin has deep roots."
The last statue said, "Why don’t we put that-"
Its sound suddenly broke.
A melodious bell sounded in the virtual space to interrupt the conversation between the three ghost masters.
Ding dong-ding dong-ding dong-ding dong-ding dong-ding dong-ding dong-
Six rings in a row reverberated back and forth in the depths of the dark temple.
The ghost temple suddenly disappeared and a new world suddenly appeared.
There is no sun in the sky, but misty white light radiates from a towering statue to shine the whole world.
Around the three ghost lords, there are numerous green meadows, countless fragrant flowers, clear fountains and ivory-white minarets.
An angel with four wings fell from the sky and came to the three ghost lords.
The four-winged angel said with a slight ceremony, "I have seen the three ghosts, the life barrier, the giant body and the fire, and I have come to pass the sacred order."
The three ghost lords replied together, "Go ahead."
The four-winged angel said, "Saint, let me tell you that there is a sword in the hands of the assassin with that title that he recognized as the sword in the double swords of heaven and earth."
"This person’s identity is almost certain, but this person has a little fluctuation. I am worried that you can’t handle it well. I specially ordered me to lead the crowd to help you."
Life barrier ghost main road "double swords of heaven and earth … it is strange that these two swords should be in an eternal abyss in a 900 million-story world at present, and how can they be monitored by those who are in disorder …"
The giant ghost said, "There is no problem in this matter. I also remember that the double swords are still in the world of 900 million layers unless …"
"Unless this assassin comes from the past or the future!" the Yehuo Ghost insisted.
The angel looked indifferent and continued, "According to the information, Virtual Flying Moon has made friends with this person. This is absolutely impossible-in order to avoid this person affecting our real plan, I will lead the angels and three ghost lords to destroy this person together!"
Virtual city
Gu Qingshan library hall waited for a while.
"You wanted to see me?" A sound comes.
Gu Qingshan looked around to see a strange middle-aged man not far away, and his face looked a little nervous.
"What is the pavilion?" Guqingshan avenue
Middle-aged humanity "is the research librarian of the Royal Volume Virtual City Library-they said an assassin with a title wanted to see me."
Gu Qingshan looked at each other in silence.
I have never seen this man myself.
"Not long ago, did you fight against the end of the plague in the Holy Spirit World?" Gu Qingshan asked
The middle-aged man bowed his head and said, "I was … doing an experiment. I accidentally fell asleep and didn’t wake up until yesterday."
Gu Qingshan looked at the other person’s murderous look and gently lowered it and asked, "Can you guarantee that you are telling the truth?"
The middle-aged man sighed and said wearily, "I did lose my identity nameplate. When I learned that I had participated in that war and was still alive, I knew someone was impersonating me."
"But what can I say? It’s not difficult for that man to steal my identity nameplate quietly and want to take my life. I naturally dare not open it. "
-This person is wearing a pair of thick frames, and his face is full of discomfort caused by talking with people. He looks nervous and dull … and he is much worse than the royal scroll he knows.
-he didn’t lie.
Gu Qingshan can draw this conclusion intuitively.
"Have you ever dealt with the church?" Gu Qingshan thoughtfully asked.
"the church?" The middle-aged face exudes a different kind of brilliance, saying, "I am a loyal believer, and the brilliant church is stronger than others. They have always sheltered me, a guy with little strength and devoted to research, and returned our funds and protection."
"By the way, are you also a believer?" Asked the middle-aged man
Gu Qingshan was silent for a moment.
He was almost ready to leave just now, but the last sentence of the middle-aged man succeeded in attracting his attention.
"I’m a believer. Look."