I smiled and told townsend that if she didn’t come back in half an hour, I would prepare a complaint and throw it at her mother and emperor Amar.

As soon as Tang Sike whined, he felt that my hand was too merciless and went to Ye apocalypse room.
One night, at breakfast the next day, I saw two colleagues of Han Tianqin’s boyfriend A Qiang in low spirits.
Han Tianqin’s boyfriend, A Qiang, told two colleagues that one night was a nightmare, and they always felt cold in the room, like someone blowing air around their neck. This is probably because they just lived in a new house and chose some beds.
Hearing Han Tianqin’s boyfriend A Qiang’s two colleagues, Tang Sike’s excited eyes glanced at me in front of everyone, which was awkward.
I helped Tom, but this reaction was silent.
At noon, I went for an outing. At noon, I took a taxi to return to Wang Dalang Xiangbiao Store while everyone was taking a lunch break. I returned to the resort hotel for half an hour with blank paper.
Before I got to the resort, Townes called and asked where I had been.
I told Tang Sike that I went out for a stroll, so I went back to hang up and urged Master Shi to speed up. Tang Sike was in a hurry.
When I galloped to the resort hotel, I saw that Tang Sike and his party were waiting for me at the hotel gate.
When I come here, the team will be all here.
This time, Tang Sike can travel by car away from the resort, and it is best to go out of the artificial scenic spot so as to see a more beautiful and true spring scene.
Tang Sike got everyone to raise their hands and pass our party until it was far from the resort.
Indeed, as Tang Sike said, it is far away from the resort and out of the artificial scenic spot. The spring scenery here is getting better and better.
The warm spring breeze caressed the cheeks and blew the green shoots and thousands of wickers near the pond.
The delicate wheat seedlings in the field are competing to thrive.
The roadside is full of fragrant grass and unknown flowers swaying in the wind
As far as the eye can see, there are swallows hovering over the green fields, and some swallows are poles.
Tang Sike picked wild flowers on the roadside and smiled brightly. A few people have been living in the city and are also pregnant with the spring scenery they saw before them.
In the lively atmosphere, my lip angle evokes a great arc.
The days I spend with Tang Sike and Han Tianqin are getting less and less. At the end of this semester, I will cherish the time we have together and leave them my most beautiful smile.
It was not until it was dark that our party returned to the resort.
Che Shangsi can see Han Tianqin weaving the collected flowers into a wreath. Although Han Tianqin has no wild flowers, he should not pick wild flowers on the roadside easily.
Han Tianqin looked at Tang Sike contemptuously with his orchid fingers up, holding a bunch of wild flowers in his arms and immediately countered Tang Sike jokingly.
Han Tianqin said that the champion of picking wild flowers in this team must be Tang Si, but he is old and white, and he also said that others have strong hair.
"Qin, don’t recognize A Qiang, you just want to tell your sister that she has a little Rev. Okay?" Tang Sike waved his fist at Han Tianqin.
"How can you cut your little Qiqi and my A Qiang than my A Qiang can take you and your little Qiqi with one arm?" Han Tianqin raised the bar
"Ah, you’re not angry, are you, Xiaoqi?" Tang Sike bumped her arm against Ye Tianqi.
"Brother Qiang, I think it’s best for us to shake hands and not fight." Ye Tianqi spoiled her eyes and glanced at Tang Sike’s mouth at Han Tianqin’s boyfriend A Qiang who was driving.
"Ha ha, this can be" Han Tianqin’s boyfriend A Qiang immediately answered Ye Tianqi.
"Coco, my language charm helped you put down an opponent and rely on you." Ye Tianqi made room on the back of the car seat to let Tang Sike and Han Tianqin sit on both sides of him and shoot each other’s eyes.
Staring at each other like such interactive cockfighting, Tang Sike and Han Tianqin burst into laughter in the car.
"Hey, what’s wrong with this navigator? Why is there always a red dot flashing?" Just then, Han Tianqin’s boyfriend A Qiang wondered about the pronunciation.
Han Tianqin’s boyfriend A Qiang’s confused pronunciation attracted everyone to gather together and take a look at Zhen Muwu.
I followed the crowd and looked at the navigator in the car. It was true that a red dot was flashing all the time, and the location of the red dot was a small village near the resort.
"Why didn’t you just buy this navigator? A Qiang, you should remember to change it later. How can the shopkeeper give it to us?" Han Tianqin complained.
Han Tianqin’s boyfriend A Qiang repeatedly nodded and said that he would go to the store to change the navigator when he got back.
I glance at the red dot on the car navigator again, but I don’t agree with Han Tianqin that the navigator is broken, which leads to the flashing red dot on the navigator.
If the navigator navigates normally, it cannot be said that the navigator is broken.
If something goes wrong, there will be a demon, but I don’t understand what the strange red dot on the navigator represents.
I looked around to see if there was a ghost following us around this car at the moment.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Ghost offering rice
Looking around, I saw the car and really followed a ghost. After the ghost met my sight, the figure blasted into the darkness.
I took back my sight and glanced at the car navigator again, but the red dot was still flickering.
"Xiao Ran sent you a wreath." Tang Sike handed me a small wreath at this time.
"Beautiful." I took the wreath from Tomsk and played with my palm.
"Xiao Ran, when I get married with Xiao Qiqi, you must come to be my maid of honor and grab flowers." Tang Sike held Ye Tianqi’s arm and looked forward to the future.
"Oh, it turns out that we have a woman who hates to marry here. This is too tough. Are you proposing to Xiaoqiqi?" Han Tianqin missed the opportunity to tease Tang Sike.