"Little report please carriage" outside voice urged.

Yu Jingqi frowned and had to get a carriage.
Waiter takes his time to lead the way ahead, and his mouth is still talking.
"Little report, you are in good health and the emperor is happy. Today, I have enjoyed a lot of things and put them in the imperial harem …"
Yu Jingqi gently pulled a corner of his mouth.
No amount of reward can hide his illusion of being a hostage in the palace.
His father took the job of the second emperor before his death, and the emperor worried that he would support his troops and respect himself, so he left him in the palace
Any affection is fake.
Yu Jingqi’s face is getting worse and worse. When I saw it, I still said that the emperor loved him and the queen mother loved him and so on.
When crossing the three palace doors, a group of ladies-in-waiting came across. Seeing Jingqi coming over, they all stood by the wall and stood respectfully upon them.
Yu Jingqi walked over intently.
Far behind, ladies-in-waiting whispered.
"It’s just that the four emperors stayed in the palace as hostages … so naturally."
"He really thinks he’s a grandson. He even walks with his face facing the sky."
"If the Four Emperors are defeated and afraid of him, there is nothing to keep the value …"
Yu Jingqi finally turned away with a jerk.
In the distance, the ladies-in-waiting are still standing quietly by the wall, with their heads bowed and their attitudes respectful and humble.
Yu Jingqi strode to the maid-in-waiting just visible.
"Little prince?" Shi surprised to follow "you hurry back to the palace, the queen mother is waiting for you."
"Wait for me?" Yu Jingqi sneered that they were afraid that the hostage would have an accident in the palace, so it wouldn’t be nice to hear the wind.
Even if they want him to die, they will be silent and unaware.
He refused to let them get what they wanted.
He wants everyone to think that someone in the palace is trying to kill him.
It’s … What, this time his curse failed?
In static kei slightly flash kung fu several ladies-in-waiting have left in a hurry, even if his mouth to stop them like didn’t hear, trotted out of the front door of the palace is missing.
"What are you angry with those minions?" Suddenly, a man came in at the entrance of the palace, dressed in a python robe, wearing two dragons to grab the pearl crown, and holding a perfect white mink in his left hand.
"Seen Taidian" Yu Jingqi bowed his head and saluted.
"Jing Qi just came back from the hospital?" Taiwen
"The queen mother is still waiting in the palace. Why don’t you hurry back and be angry with those minions?" Too smiles. "I heard that you have been in good health recently, so you should be more careful in the palace, especially as you are …" The last sentence is too low for Yu Jingqi to hear.
Too past his side to leave first.
Yu Jingqi clenched his fist in the sleeve.
The last sentence in my head is like his identity!
Yi ri Bai he yuan
RuXiaoNan saw in JingQi eyes with two pieces of green crow came in.
"Didn’t you sleep well last night?" RuXiaoNan curious to ask
There are also some exercises left here every day, but not so much that they have to burn the midnight oil.
Yu Jingqi sat back to his seat coldly and said nothing.
Ru Xiaonan raised her hand and waved it in front of his eyes. "What’s wrong with you?"
Yu Jingqi picked up the book and dialed her hand. "Can’t you be quiet if it’s noisy?"
RuXiaoNan flat nutcracker honestly sit back.
What? This man’s temperament is often changed over and over again at an early age. It’s faster than turning over, and it’s much more difficult to serve than Qing Mo Yan.
If Qing Moyan is angry, she will pull her face to coax him, and he will forgive her soon.
Think of green ink yan unconsciously RuXiaoNan chin propped up and giggled alone.
Yesterday, when school was over, he came late, so he took her to Baiyulou, ordered a lot of dishes she liked, and made an exception and allowed her to drink two small cups of fruit wine.