When this cell divides, it means that Lin has three individuals. Three identical cells symbolize Lin.

Lin can command them completely. Although the three cells are not connected together, it is not more difficult to command them than to command an individual, but it feels more relaxed.
Then Lynn had more questions. She could think more things. She soon found the biggest problem at present.
Yes, it can observe the surrounding situation, although it can feel that there is a liquid around it, but it can know the more detailed situation … so everything around it is marginal darkness for Lin.
"Eyes …"
This word appeared in Lin’s mind, but she found a way to get a deeper understanding.
In order to understand this word, Lin tried to swallow more food, but the soft food around her seemed to be eaten almost. She planned to swim farther away.
Three small cells have a common consciousness, and the cells have embarked on a journey …
Suddenly Lin found that the front cell seemed to meet something different from the soft food before, which was very hard but smaller than the food before.
Method to analyze what is it? Lin let one of the cells swallow this hard thing.
"… seems to digest"
A hard object, Lin, has no sign of shrinking at all, but it is floating in a quiet cell membrane.
Looks like a no-brainer?
Lin didn’t care so much and went on looking for other food.
Near here, it found many soft things similar to those before, but no hard objects were found again.
Still continue to perform the devouring Lin a cell full of energy division again.
This time, Lynn has four cells, but she still feels that it is not enough, so she goes on.
When the number of cells reached five, Lin Qian’s idea came out again.
Want to see …
Want to see everything outside! I don’t want darkness!
When its idea is strong enough, the core of the cell body trembled slightly after eating that hard thing.
The tentacle-like object in the nucleus gently touched the hard object and pushed it slowly to the surface of the cell membrane.
When the hard object slightly exposed the cell membrane, the strong light broke through the darkness and poured into Lin’s mind.
Chapter II Initial Eyes
Light …
Lynn saw the light, but what she saw was light, which just changed the previous darkness into a light.
Lynn needs more detailed information and more detailed images so that she can see everything.
Just as Lin thought so, the cell that ate the hard object trembled slightly, and more tentacles were sticking out of the nucleus for connection.
Lin’s mind is no longer a piece of light or darkness, and the image appears slowly. At first, it was very cloudy, and the color became clearer as time went on.
Blue … Lin first saw the color, and then she saw several spherical objects floating in the blue.
Are those … my cells?
With the clear image, Lin clearly saw her cell-like gray core almost penetrating the film slowly floating in the water and swinging with the waves … It felt very interesting and strange.
It’s good to have eyes.
Lin observed her four cells around her, plus it. There are five cells with’ eyes’.
But it can’t see what its eyes are like, so it decides to divide the cell first, so that it can know what the cell that brings its vision is like and what the hard object is before swallowing it.
So Lin set out again to look for food.
Because of its eyesight, it can see the surrounding scenery clearly, but the scenery it can see around is blue except for its own cells.
This is the color of water, right?
Suddenly Lin’s eyes saw something, a white round thing appeared in front of its cells.
This white thing feels soft. It’s one-fifth the size of Lynn cells, and it’s exactly the same as the previous food. Does it feel like this thing that I’ve been eating before?
Without hesitation, Lin let the eye cells eat it.
After digestion, Lin continued swimming.
Because of its eyes, it soon found more white round food, and it didn’t take long for Lin’s eye cells to receive enough splitting energy
Lin felt a little excited when she felt the cells with eyes, so that she could see what her eyes were like.
Excited? Lynn found a new word in her mind. What does it mean?
It doesn’t matter. It’s split up now.
Lynn couldn’t see herself. She found that there was still an eye cell in the perspective of her mind, and the cell was just in front of her eyes …
But it has no eyes. Linfa receives images from this newly divided cell.
Doesn’t division include eyes?
Lynn didn’t understand it, but she found that the cells split from eye cells were somewhat different from other cells.
There seems to be a small place on the surface of this cell membrane that reflects white light and has a special feeling.
That’s right, that’s the word. There is a small piece of crystallization on the surface of this newly divided cell membrane.
But Lynn doesn’t know what it means. She doesn’t feel anything special about this little crystal, and it’s not that the eyes see things according to the law.
So it continues to act, and in order to gain more knowledge, it must expand its own group.
At present, there are six cells, and Lin directs them to swim forward and continue to look for more food.
The eye cell Lynn is going to give it a special name …