"Is the elder brother of the sk stop playing! Roots can’t win! "

There are also many dream friends in Taiwan who have browsed to official website’s mobile phone and cursed the news just released. At the same time, they shouted to Taiwan Suk and others.
Shouted to Suk’s ear, the terrible number of 35 injuries was also heard by Suk.
His mouth is not left.
Isn’t it just 35 injuries? It’s like no one has, but just listening to Xu Yun’s words, the attributes were cut into tolerance attributes, so the injuries naturally slipped a little, but Suk didn’t think it was too big.
"Well, just now, Xu Yun said to play faster, right?"
Everyone hasn’t responded yet. Suk has tapped the keyboard to send the current channel.
"Oh, level 2 G team, our urk is here. I heard that you lost gank in a few rounds and meditated on them. Well, we will solve you in one round."
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Unfair contest
“? ? ?”
Sook’s words from the current channel made the dream friends in the place instantly dumbfounded.
What do you mean you solved meditation in a few rounds, then we will solve you in ten rounds? What kind of divine logic is this? Is level 2 g that easy to deal with?
Previously, when I saw the damage data of g35, the Tang government sect, the TV station watched the live broadcast, and those dream friends all thought that urk could hold on a little longer in this battle, which was enough. But for a moment, Suk actually said such a thing …
"Oh, Suk’s words are very overbearing."
Someone in Taiwan shines at the moment, and the dream friends around him are worried that he doesn’t seem to have it at all. They just silently remember Suk’s sentence, so it seems that this sentence will become his mantra in the future.
It is also when everyone is still stunned that the battle has been rolled out instantly.
In the previous battle, I was able to grab a speed. Han Xuanxuan didn’t get a speed at this moment.
Opposite the back row, the third position G aimed at Han Xuanxuan and cast a wave of lost souls.
When I saw this, I watched those dream friends get cold in their hearts and get robbed at a high speed. What is the concept?
However, just like Han Xuanxuan’s speed, there is also a G. After the G is shot, everyone will see that Han Xuanxuan has performed a wave of stunts on Sukurk and Suk’s five Zhuang Guan characters-beast power!
“? ? ?”
What does it mean that Taiwanese dream friends are stunned again? This situation is not controlled by G, but also a wave of beast power superimposed Suk damage?
It is also at this time that the second position G in the opposite back row is aimed at the urk and Linger characters controlled by lk, and a wave of seals is also successfully hit.
Then the fourth position G is aimed at Mount Awanputo to seal and hit again.
Before the battle was fully launched, three players were blocked on urk’s side.
From the beginning, the battle gave people a feeling that there was no way to reverse it.
After three G’s shots, urk and Suk’s figure also moved.
Aiming at the first position G in the front row across the street, a wave of bloody attacks came.
Break the blood and attack the first-37
Break blood crazy attack second-42
Although this data pk can be said to be eye-catching, but compared with the previous Suk’s crushing, it can produce 7 blood output. From the performance point of view, this data is really much worse
"Sure enough, because the defense on the opposite side is too high, even brother sk can’t hit the blood output?"
Taiwan Dream Friends has been sighed at the moment.
Yes, the level 2 G team is so easy to defend.
It is also at this time that the No.1 position in the front row across the street was just broken by Suk. A wave of G stepped forward and aimed at Han Xuanxuan’s Tiangong, and a wave of misty rain and jianfa came.
Misty rain swordsmanship first-
Misty rain swordsmanship second-
After two consecutive attacks, Han Xuanxuan’s blood volume bottomed out with less than a quarter left.
When I saw this, there were already many dream friends in Taiwan who couldn’t bear to watch it again.
Because the opposite output is too cruel.
And this is far from over. Immediately after the fifth position G in the back row, a wave of King Kong protectors superimposed a wave of injuries on all ten players in the team.
"Lying trough? King Kong dharma buff plus 1 unit? "
"Is this fair?"
Taiwan’s dream friends have spit out a way by following the trend.
However, there is no slightest spit at this time. At this time, the fourth position G in the front row aimed at Han Xuanxuan’s role and a wave of annihilation came.
Total annihilation first-
Is swept out of the first Han Xuanxuan game characters fell to the ground.
Directly by the strong gank!
"I can’t fight. G seems to have increased again this year."
I have been meditating before, and I turned pale at this time. I couldn’t help but shake my head when I looked at the situation.
Previously, G’s output damage to them was terrible, but it was not as bad as it is today, but now it is like a drug attack.
Almost across the G, it’s almost half the turn. On urk’s side, A Wan’s character just aimed at the curtain and superimposed a beast’s power.
"Lying trough? Still beast power? "
"This time the beast force what else! Is it really good to quickly reply to a wave of blood volume? "
Taiwanese dream friends are almost anxious. If they can all run to the platform to fuck a wave of previous idols for the urk people, what is washed away by emotions at this moment? This wave of urk exercises makes them understand.
Everyone in Taiwan seems to think urk fuck is ridiculous. There is a small area where people don’t think so.
That’s where the urk people are in the first row of the audience.
And Han Xuanxuan and others think that they are crossing their hands against their own faces. He watched the battle unblinkingly. He knew that what urk did should be that Xu Yun listened to his own way and tried a wave. If urk lost, it would be his own harm. Although he didn’t fight, he wanted to be more nervous than everyone else.
This is also the time.
It’s time for the role of Shine to make a move, but Shine didn’t move in place. It looked like he was scared by his opponent. Because the rhythm of the game was too fast, all the dream friends didn’t find it.
At this moment, it’s G’s turn across Lingbo City to shoot. He aims at Ah Wan’s character with a fracture.
After attacking gank twice in a row, A Wan has 67 HP. You should know that A Wan is a Putuo Mountain! In everyone’s mind, she is the strongest meat shield of urk, but at this time, her defense is still understated by the other side.
This is an unfair contest.
There is no hand across the street. G has shot one after another.
Soon, Wan fell to the ground by gank.
When I saw this, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath and a familiar figure came along.