Lin is a little interested in this change, so the pompoms are observed here.

And Lin’s other fluffy ball also saw a large group of’ elves’ flying at the position of the comet drill.
They pushed the drill bit into high school and flew towards the residential platform.
It seems that Phoenix is still moving very fast … It soon sent this comet platform to the residential area.
Since there is nothing to worry about here, let’s look at the other side
Lin also has a fluffy ball that has jumped to a far platform, which is used to launch the’ resident ball’ platform
There are many … round potholes in the platform with a size of more than ten kilometers, and there are many small phoenixes floating around the sphere with a diameter of more than 30 meters in each pit.
To be precise, they are all’ burning chicken’ phoenixes, which are very small and have no wing structure.
Occasionally, I can see that several spheres are launched towards the virtual space, and some fly back.
Lin Rongqiu is now in front of a sphere and testing this sphere.
This kind of ball is mainly made of metal … It has an interesting system.
Once it flies somewhere, the ball will be fully displayed …
Then a large number of signals will be sent from the sphere.
Creatures who feel this signal will have a strong curiosity … and they will try to find out in the residents’ ball.
Then the resident ball will quickly merge and give the creatures inside … and then fly back.
However, residents’ sphere search biosphere is controlled by this platform.
The platform has a special search ability, which can determine which direction there are creatures and then launch the ball there.
But they don’t know whether the creatures in that direction are the species that lived here before. Anyway, no matter how many of them are caught back.
Come on … This fluffy ball will continue to observe these balls and platforms here.
Then … Lin developed here slowly.
When the living platform was slowly divided into many parts, the comet drill bit also moved to this place.
At the same time, Linbian Comet Drill … The base creates more pompoms here and lets them explore many places in this area.
Lin found that the phoenix here is really … random race. They don’t want Lin to do all kinds of things, and all kinds of platforms here don’t prohibit creatures from going, but gravity remote control can’t go to many places.
Therefore, the arms created by Lin can go to many places to explore.
At the same time, Lin also gradually learned about these phoenix facilities, which are actually not complicated.
Almost like ordinary cities, there are food factories, childcare facilities, living facilities and so on
Phoenix is a kind of creature that likes entertainment very much. They also have quite a lot of entertainment facilities, such as cinemas and playgrounds. Of course, these are all learned from individual creatures.
At the same time, Lin also saw an arena
That’s because residents sometimes catch a lot of wild animals, and they put them in the arena to fight.
Lin came into contact with many phoenixes and found that almost all of them do whatever they want. Everything they make is very random.
But they didn’t make any mistakes … and they made the whole area work perfectly.
Everything here is made up of stellar energy
There are many so-called’ star energy furnaces’ on the bottom platform, which can get a lot of energy from stars.
However, there are many things like food. They send flying machines to solidify and obtain virtual goods. There are some solidification cracks near here.
Lin also noticed that …
This star has almost no gravity.
Its gravity seems to have disappeared, so Lin feels that it should be phoenix, and their gravity is the gravity of this star body.
I just don’t know how they divide the star’s gravity into … and do whatever they want.
If we can find out how to find them, I feel that Lin can also benefit herself … This will be very useful.
Lin thinks they have some special device to control gravity, so Lin is looking for that place now
But it seems difficult to find samples because light can’t be detected by these fluffy ball detection.
However, Lin found something interesting after searching for him.
That is the most powerful Phoenix … thing in history.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and thirteen Quotations
"This is where it sleeps …"
In this room … Lin feels like a place called’ Temple’.
The circular diameter of this platform is more than three kilometers, and … it is all made of orange liquid.
It looks interesting that all the liquids are constantly flowing towards the center.
In the center, there is a statue of a phoenix.
It’s quite large, its wings are more than 100 meters, and the whole platform liquid is gathered at its feet.
Then stay at the bottom of the platform and return to the edge of the platform to gather again … Lin, a fluffy ball is floating in front of the central statue.
There are several little phoenixes more than three meters in front of the statue. One of them explained the origin of the statue to Lin.
That is to say, the most powerful phoenix statue in history.
Lin found that if these phoenixes speak to them in other languages, they generally don’t care or let the’ educational device’ educate the pompoms.
But they will be happy to answer if they make Phoenix language.
It seems that they are more interested in language than in asking them what creatures it is.
Moreover, there is no phoenix to wonder why the pompoms can come here, because according to them, no other creatures have been there before.
Never mind so much first.
So when it comes to the phoenix, these little phoenixes say that it has great power to push all the stars around, just like Lin knows.
But even that powerful phoenix finally … fell.
To be precise, it is missing, because occasionally some dangerous creatures appear nearby, and the phoenix will try to deal with it.
Once, this powerful phoenix led troops to deal with dangerous creatures, and it disappeared in the process.
Then in order to commemorate it … these phoenixes built statues here.