Now that all the dissidents have been brought to the island, they have degenerated into the minions of the Burning Legion, so you’re welcome

"General Wing, all three magic cannons are ready. Please instruct." A blood elf salutes Hadullen.
The most important feature of the alliance is that the military system of all countries has been unified, and even the ranks of non-commissioned officers, junior officers, school officers and general officers have been completely changed. The ranks of generals or generals can be awarded by all countries themselves, but all independent numbers compiled by the armies of all countries must be reported to the alliance for approval before they can be implemented.
Hadulun sighed, "The island of Quel ‘Dahners has been occupied by the fallen semi-demon Shadow-blade Elves, and there are no more our compatriots there. The Queen ordered the guns to be fired at Quel ‘Danas Island."
"official white"
A few minutes later, the whole coastline sounded "howls", which sounded like a strange sound. Looking at the New Silver Moon City, it seemed like bright rainbows. Suddenly, the shore was erected and cut to create beautiful arcs, and finally it fell into Quel Danas Island, where the fairies used to be sacred to the sun well.
"rumble!" Violent explosions rang everywhere on the island.
The elf in charge of watch and monitoring that result was in tears when I didn’t know it.
Tears wiped, flowed and wiped
Split from rejecting magic and studying night elves, the high elves have lived a magical life for thousands of years, and they have long been accustomed to magic in their bones, to the solar well that is regarded as a sacred island by all, and always flows out a huge amount of magical energy.
But now they want to destroy it.
Exquisite pavilions in the monitoring screen are brightly colored but no longer have artistic value.
Birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, and the path turns into a huge crater.
This is a farewell to one’s own racial history …
Queen Richie and Lilasi, who are quite close to the seaside front command post, are silent when they see the weeping elves in the picture.
Duke said, "Why do you insist that Sindore take the first shot himself?"
If the alliance fleet fires first, then Sindore will always be angry for no reason.
"Hellfire is coming!" RalfLose Ma Xing Dao
In the picture, a number of stone giants, burning with green flames and three stories high, rushed out of the island’s hiding place with huge and fast steps.
These war machines, which have no wisdom and simple tactical execution ability, once fought against the alliance.
However, the era of eating fresh food all over the world has long passed
"Let the magic puppet go!" The queen waved her hand.
Several magical puppets with unique purple-blue arcane brilliance strode out of the tunnel, crossed the blood elf battle line and lined up neatly on the shore.
Hellfire strode into the water that was not deep.
Although the land of King Sindore of Quel ‘Danas Island is separated by sea water, it is actually a relatively shallow harbor with the deepest place of only 20 meters.
Hellfires are burning and rushing into the water. Of course, their evil energy flames will not be extinguished by the sea water so simply, but will evaporate the sea water crazily.
"Poof, poof, poof!" On the water surface, you can clearly see that there are a lot of bubbles in the water because of the high heat generated by the high temperature at the bottom of every hellfire.
A few minutes later, Hellfire has been engaged by elves and magic puppets along the coast.
It was a very original and beautiful fight.
You punch me and I’ll punch you.
On the whole, puppets are broken into pieces more quickly, while hellfire is much more resistant to beating.
"The light is on fire!" Hadullen made with a straight face.
Half a minute later, there was a deafening roar from the elf rear array.
It was a large caliber mortar fire filled with Stansom holy water mortar shells, poured into the beachhead position and temporarily converted from a fire truck, and the water jet sprayed a golden water column dozens of meters away. At that time, the whole shore was glittering and beautiful.
Duke secretly yawned in the command post.
He is really not interested in this kind of fighting like pecking at each other.
"Has our fleet arrived?" Duke asked Gianna in the magic mirror.
"Here we are!"
The body of the Chapter 1511 Jupao Wei
Countless huge and tall shadows swept across the blue sea, as if an army of angels poured waves of arrows and rain from the sky.
The clouds were wantonly swaying and soaring in the sky, and the birds screamed and fled.
A Griffin is passing low, followed by the second and third huge Griffin groups. Although it has been deliberately kept at a distance, there are too many of them, which looks like locusts attacking the sky.
Locust also has two colors: white and yellow, the color of Griffin, purple and black, purple and black, and hippogryph.
Since the alliance is rich in products, there can be a lot of roughage to feed cattle and other livestock. Every time the livestock are fattened, they are put into the hunting grounds for Griffin or hippogryph to hunt.
For more than 20 years, the Griffin Knight of the Alliance has exceeded 10,000, and the breeding in hippogryph has also exceeded 4,000.
This time, five thousand Griffins and two thousand hippogryph were brought directly.
It’s not these birds that really cover up.
It’s a huge fleet with a clear number in the human eye.
Skyshattering, the strong breeze raised her long blond hair and swept her face. Jaina lifted her arm and turned her body around with a little ponder, looking around the scene at a 360-degree angle.
From her view, the recent horizon and horizon are hundreds of square kilometers, which has formed a flat arc. The evil energy of the island in the east and the far end of this arc can rise into the sky, while the golden atmosphere of the farthest land will last forever.
In addition, all the places that can be seen are created by the allies, which can be called wisdom. The perfect combination of military forces gives off a sense of pride on the horizon.
King Sindore’s land, Inguindanus Island, is located in the northwest of the soil, and they can also see the huge steel ships stretching from the western sky to the sea.
Because the horizon looks like magic, one warship after another grows out of that line.
Flying warships seem to be moored in the middle, but they become bigger and bigger in an instant, occupying more than half a day.
There are more dense black spots on the sea surface. At first, it was black spots. When they showed the battleship’s magic power furnace, the defensive protection array Fu Wenhui lit up, which made the warships have long abandoned the sails as if they had returned to the old days of crossing the sea by sailing.
Duke led the alliance into the industrial age, which was also an iron age.
When magic technology is perfectly combined, this huge fleet with a total number of ships exceeding 3,000 comes into being.
What is even more frightening is that this fleet is not the main force of the alliance!
The main fleet of the alliance is still waiting for the arrival of the main fleet of the storm kingdom in Kurras. After all, acting can’t pull the main fleet to Lordaeron to the sea, otherwise it would be too fake.
The main fleet is also the sub-fleet, which dares to attack the bottom spirit.
If the Griffin group and the flying fleet were just like locusts, then when the black fleet appeared in the ocean, for a moment, the elves themselves saw that it was sardines.
Magic shield and appear dotted with ships, one after another emerge from the vision of all elves.
Blood elves suddenly have a feeling of gratitude that although they were forced to abandon magic and respect the old times, fortunately we took the last bus of the new era.
The new alliance warships have already refreshed the concept of unified warship tonnage.
Once upon a time, at the end of the first Dark Gate War, Aurelia arrived in Nanhai Town with the elf fleet, or a small frigate of several tens of tons.