But it’s still a little late to listen to "bang!" His left shoulder seemed to hit an invisible barrier, and his flight attitude was affected. The whole person rolled uncontrollably.

"bang! Hey! " The ground collided several times in a row like a bucket of water. He drew a long scratch on the ground and slowed down slowly.
The captain of the Alpha squad who was turned into a seven-meat vegetarian didn’t have the heart to turn around and see what had just happened in Chu. He didn’t wait for his body to stop and shake. As soon as he caught sight of the near-by passage, he immediately felt superior and balanced his limbs and plunged into it with a flat sand and a wild goose!
When he entered the mouth of the cave, he was in shock. He tried his best to turn his head, and then he saw a huge tree face and slowly opened his eyes …
"Damn it! Actually, a double-star spy mixed in and chased me! " Rose suddenly turned pale when she saw that the intruder had slipped away from her nose.
"The queen doesn’t have to chase the information. It’s meaningless for the binary star. We are already in place and feasible." Rose waist "magic sword" suddenly said.
"Can you really guarantee the success of the plan? I’m a little worried … "Rose’s face flashed a little worried when she heard the plan to start the horse.
This is Calvin’s last hope!
"Don’t worry, this super tree house is much more valuable than you now. If the plan fails, we will lose much more than you."
Rose "…"
Although I’m relieved to hear it, I still feel uncomfortable …
"If you don’t trust me, I can give you the plan after the plan fails. We usually call it … Plan B." "Magic Sword" smiled.
"oh? You also made a plan? " Rose a listen to face a joy.
This ally … Unexpectedly reliable!
"Of course, it is the basic purpose of our general staff to plan before moving, not thinking about winning and thinking about losing."
Yun Nie didn’t talk nonsense. He has done all the plans for the end of mankind (final chapter) …
"What exactly is that plan?" Immortal also some curious asked.
"well! If this plan fails, it is certain that the immortal will be buried with you, Calvin. I have collected your DNA legacy information for a long time.
If you are unlucky and strong, I will clone you again! "
Cloned out …
Long out …
Come out …
Rose "…"
The immortal "…"
Mechanical bug "…" (*Ω).
Chapter four hundred and eleven Volcanic eruption
In shock, the alpha team leader ran away for nearly half an hour, only to slow down slightly and look back at the dark cave behind him.
Strange? Why are there no pursuers?
Even if it’s not as fast as me, it’s better to be quiet, right? Is there an ambush waiting for me at the front exit?
Just as he was wondering, the whole passage suddenly shook violently, and small stones fell rustling.
This situation almost scared him to pee!
Lie in the trough! Don’t be so cruel!
Want me to die in such a big fight, collapse the whole tunnel and bury me alive? How angry are you? !
If this is buried at this depth, I’m afraid it can be dug up as a fossil after 1000 years, right?
Scared out of his wits, he can continue to run towards the exit with all his strength …
The whole ground of the lava lake shook violently, and from time to time huge stones fell into the crimson magma, causing a lava rain.
Counting black roots is like a python rioting.
They are controlled by the immortals to pull out from the underground for a long time, gushing out magma lakes with magma all over the sky, and then intertwined and gradually surrounded the whole body of the immortals.
Like a weaver, a perfect black spindle-shaped object slowly appears in the ground.
The lava lake moved like a cork when the immortal pulled away the roots, and the hot magma in the asthenosphere poured into this place like crazy.
The magma lake is visible to the naked eye, and the speed is rising rapidly, gradually flooding the whole land together with the black spindle …
Soon after …
"whoosh!" A dusty figure suddenly jumped out of the tunnel and then "bang!" A heavy fall to the ground.
The figure legs a soft suddenly a staggered almost didn’t steady waved the finally steady shape.
"Huhuhu ~" Panting Alpha team leader looked around with vigilance, although he was very embarrassed.
I didn’t find a number of pursuers blocking the exit, which made him always hang on his heart and let his face show a smile for the rest of his life.
The foot vibration didn’t stop, but it was getting worse and worse, and the wave range seemed to be larger than he thought.
Wild animals in the surrounding jungle are panicking and running around, a scene of doomsday is coming.